Hi There

We are Team Graphene

A bunch of enthusiastic people with a passion for quality


We started our journey with just 4 team members in 2014. It began when we visited Mainland China in April 2014 with our European team members who already had experience in Apple iPhone accessories. We were amazed to find the quality as well as the designs of accessories for Apple products. While we returned back, we tried to find the same quality products in the Indian market but we could not find any single product that was specifically designed for a specific device. The products we found had only a universal design. For screen protectors, this means just a big open cut on the top and bottom of the Glass so that it can fit any device screen of some specific size i.e. 4.7 inches or 5 inches. So, before importing any product, we decided to do some research on the Indian market and create our own design with the help of our European team members.

To have consistency in our products we realized that we could not rely on the Chinese manufacturers, so we invested in our own manufacturing unit and partnered with one of the best manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China.

We started with a small line of screen protectors for a limited number of devices mainly for Apple products. We still manufacture a limited number of devices because we want to provide quality products to our clients.

We do not want to sell everything and anything. We want to have a long lasting relationship with our clients and we can only do so when we have 100% quality confidence in our product line. We do not just sell; we protect your devices with the Science of Protection..

Our focus

Our strength is:

Our own r&d team

Having our own R&D team gives us confidence in our design and manufacturing process. We test several prototypes before finalizing the final design. You may find some of our design process in our blog from time to time.

our Own partnered manufacturing facility

Having our own partnered manufacturing facility not only ensures us the consistency in our products but we are also able to control any quality issue at any point of time. We are able to have the best quality every time.


We do not manufacture or sell generic or universal designed products. Our products are always designed for a respective device which means it has been tested before the final product is sent to the customer.

DeDICated support team

We understand the importance of support so we have a dedicated support team for our customers. The dedicated support website will be open and available soon for global customers. Support website: www.graphene24x7.com.

multiculTuRal global approAch

Our team has people from India, South America, China, and Europe. This not only gives us diverse and unique ideas, but also simplifies our business process on every step be it sales or services.

dedication for quality

Every team member is focused on quality. We not only focus on the products but also on fast delivery, quick resolution of problems and on listening to our customers feedback.

our alliance & products

We are proud to say that we have joined hands with some of the best brands for bringing new products to our customers. Bezzie International Inc. is a multinational brand having its presence in Asia, Europe and Latin America. Bezzie works as an aggregator for various product verticals such as Mobile Accessories, Baby Toys, Home Décor, Fashion & Accessories and Eco-Friendly natural products.