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iPhone X Tempered Glass india After 2 months of use and reviews

March 11, 2018 2 min read

We received lots of feedback from our customer via our online Chat. Yes! if you would like to try.. just click on the chat icon on the right bottom corner and someone from our customer support will reply back to you as soon as possible.

Ok. We are talking about the iPhone X Accessories. So while user left their message on the chat we carefully read them and realized the issue the users were facing. Until late 2017 we use to import in bulk from our manufacturing facility in Shenzen to reduce the cost of the shipment but that had an issue which was, if the consignment has any defect the entire batch has to be rejected so if one customer get the issue so does everyone as usually the products are packed in a lot of 2K units each time. After realizing this issue we simply got the product in smaller quantity and to keep getting the feedback from the users and keep improving them time to time and getting the perfect product.

iPhone X tempered Glass and case review after 2 months of use 

We have received some amazing reviews from the user for iPhone X and people are happy and excited about the experience of the Full 6D edge to edge protection glass.

Why user like it

6D Curved Edges

The iPhone X Glass by Graphene Armor Glass has 6D curved edges which are designed in such a rounded way that it easily fits on with the edges of iPhone X. The edge of Tempered Glass and the roundness of iPhone X curved body matches perfectly so when you look from the side or top you feel like it's a singular layer and there is not Glass. 

When we asked the user how did they feel about it and does it needs any improvement. The users we excited to tell that the overall experience is wonderful and they really like the wonderful feeling of the grip and the seamless design. There is no end or no starting of the Glass as it matches with the Black or white color of the iPhone X front bezel so the design is wonderfully integrated...


The top-notch of iPhone X has various hardware such as camera face ID sensor proximity sensor and other things which makes the iPhone X screen more expensive as it includes these cutouts. We have the Glass perfectly as per the iPhone X display screen and we have made the cutouts as per the iPhone X functionality so that you can enjoy the best quality all the time without compromising the protection. 

iPhone X Tempered Glass India Front and Back best rated Accessories India


Accurate Touch Sensitivity

While you swipe your iPhone X you do not feel the hindrance due to the flawless design of the iPhone X, so why should you not have it with the Tempered Glass on it.

best iPhone X tempered Glass with touch sensitivity and protection

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